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 Our next training is in March 2018   - details below.............. 
see comments below from participants.....

Laughter Yoga Training has been carried out on a voluntary basis by Committee members of Laugh WA Inc. for over 15 years.  We conduct three sessions each year with an average of 12 participants each time.  So approximately 500 laughter facilitators have been trained.  Our workshops are a lot of fun and enjoyed by everyone.  Our aim is to get as many people enjoying the benefits of Laughter Yoga as possible!  These new facilitators have taken Laughter into their workplaces, schools, hospitals etc. with great benefits for health and improved productivity.  Some have established Laughter Clubs in their community.

We ask participants for their opinions and evaluations after each of the sessions and get some really good testimonials and
comments.  A few are listed below from our April 2017 workshop:

"Very Good Yay! Thank you it was fantastic! 10 out of 10'
"All very useful in my future laughter sharing journey"
"The booklet - very good.  The facilitator - Amazing! I love this workshop! You're spreading love
and joy to us and our family, friends and peers.  Beautiful."
"Love Love Love Laughter Yoga"
"Great resources, presentations and location"
"Keep going as it is.  More of the same.  Gap of two weeks between Level 1 and Level 2 was really helpful"



    Level 1 - 10th March, 2018
Some comments from previous trainings:  
Very thankful - presentation was excellent.  
I am sure all this positive information will help not just myself but people I am involved with.
Excellent.  Informative with lots to follow through with.
Feel great - so glad I came!
I am leaving toay knowing I can improve and the help is there for me.

     Level 2  - 24th March 2018  
9.30 am for a 10 a.m. start and finishing at 4 p.m.

Some comments from last Level 2.     It was good to be involved in Level 2 as an extension of the first
to gain confidence and put into practice the Level 1 workshop.

Investment:  Both days booked together - $285 instead of $320
Booked separately - $160 each  /  Concession - $80 each
Repeat of Level 1 - $50  /  Level 2 only $160
 (Level 1 includes resource manual and DVD)
Membership of LaughWA Inc. is included in the cost

Where:                 Level 1:  The Clubhouse, Faulkner Retirement Estate
                    39 Elizabeth Street, Cloverdale.                      

                             Level 2:  The Clubhouse, Faulkner Retirement Estate
39 Elizabeth Street, Cloverdale.

Bring water, and healthy lunch to share.  Coffee and tea provided

Level 1
  • During professional training, learn the history and discover the benefits of Laughter Yoga and its potential for health promotion and community building.
  • Learn the practical skills of Laughter Yoga and experience the benefits, as taught by the founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria (Laughter Yoga International). 
  • Laughter Yoga is a group session of aerobic activity, which turns fake laughter into real laughter.  It consists of hand-clapping, Yogic breathing exercises and playful laughter exercises.  In a group or workplace, laughter becomes contagious and the participants gain the well-researched benefits.
  • Benefits of Laughter include stress reduction, aerobic exercise (which increases oxygen to the brain), and it provides endorphins, which improve mood.  It strengthens the immune system, burns calories and stabilises blood sugar.  Laughter lowers blood pressure and produces a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.  Laughter enhances relationships, wellbeing and productivity in the workplace and contributes to our resilience – the ability to bounce back from daily stress. 
Who will benefit from attending     YOU!!  As well as Teachers of all kinds (School, University, Yoga, Fitness), Physiotherapists and O.T’s, Psychologists and Social Workers, Nurses and Aged Care Staff, Mental Health Practitioners and Counsellors, Professional Speakers, HR Trainers, and people working in the business or corporate sector.

Level 2
  • Level 2 Training will equip you to set up a Laughter Club in your community or workplace with integrity, in line with the values and standards of LaughWA Inc.
  • Training will provide you with knowledge, personal development, confidence and competence, as well as leadership skills.  You will benefit every time you share Laughter Yoga!
  • After completing Level 1, you will need to prepare for Level 2 by designing a Laughter Yoga session beforehand.  You will be provided with a competency chart to guide you and you are encouraged to attend Laughter Clubs to develop your skills and enthusiasm.
  • In this Training, practical sessions will assist you to become competent in the process of Laughter Yoga, including presenting the history of Laughter Yoga and its benefits, the four elements, five principles, multiple laughter exercises, laughter meditation and final rituals.
  • You will be encouraged to self-evaluate to increase your skills, and also receive feedback
  • We will address troubleshooting, choosing venues and additional resources, including the support of LaughWA to assist you in establishing a Laughter Club.
  • Ongoing mentoring from our most experienced Laughter Leaders and Facilitators will be available.
  • Advanced Training will be available at a later date for those planning to undertake professional presentations to groups and organisations.

For further information about Laughter Yoga and its benefits, please visit the following websites:   -   Website of Dr Madan Kataria, Laughter Yoga International      -   WA website with information about Laughter Clubs, Trainings and Events     -   Australian website    -   Website of Sebastien Gendry, CEO of Laughter Yoga America

For registration contact:  
Anne Croft...   email:  Phone: 0409 155 445 

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